I will be looking for people who are just looking to help. I like doing online courses, so if I have one to attend I'll be looking. Hi, are you interested in working on an audio book? I'm trying to go with a bit of a story I wrote in 2015 about how to start a life coaching business pdf (http://graspprinciple.c1.biz) that turned into a book, so I wanted to ask if that was possible. It turned out it's possible, and it sounds great, so let's talk. That was my initial idea. I've been researching for a while, and while I didn't figure that out, I came up with a way of doing it that allows you to go into a university's video course library without ever having to spend a lot of time doing your own recording. It's called "The Best Sound Editing Project." And it's really free. All you have to do is write an idea and you'll get an assignment. It sounds awesome. And it's the kind of project where you can do any kind of project over the phone, and people who really like to do it will go out and spend hours, or days, or weeks, getting to know the people behind it. And then everyone will download it and just upload it to their phone and it will download back online. It sounds amazing! I could go into details, but it would mean all the work that you would have to do to get it to your home audience, just to see how long it would take you to create a real product. And if you were to spend time creating a book, you might think that "Oh yeah, this is the idea to do something that really needs to be done, and I am just going to share it with you because I know that it works." No, there might be moments where you see people who didn't agree with you, or people who were skeptical, at least. And it's something that you've got to keep working on. And I'm sure you are going to get to talk to you about that with someone who is in charge of the software development side. Thanks so much! We'll see you in person the next time. Michael P. Johnson Hi, hi guys. Thanks for answering all my questions. Hi! It was great. Thank you. Michael P. Johnson was a University of Pittsburgh radio personality from 2002 to 2010. He works for the university's NewsHour TV channel and covers the Pittsburgh area. He and his wife (Melena M
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