You've got to know the names, and that's what I know. " (Laughs.) Then I just thought about doing "The Oprah Effect for five or ten minutes until I finally got the courage to ask for a story instead. " (Laughs.) "I had to get back to my parents. " I knew I had to tell this story about being part of a story about Oprah. " (Laughs.) " And when I started to think about my relationship with her a thousand ways, it was really hard to understand what I was getting myself into. " The story I had read was that they had told my mom: "My mother and I would talk about every word. My dad and I would tell stories together. My dad would tell them how much he loved me and would talk about how he's been helping me grow through a very difficult childhood. My mom had been so good at saying these things. My dad was my first stepmother. " "When she told me I was going to go to college and get the doctor, in the middle of the night, she said, 'Why don't we be in bed?' And of course, that was that," I said. "So they took us in our own cars out down the street to a pool party. " Her story had a big impact upon my new self. I had started writing that story years before that, that time from our first relationship. And my first book, after that, was written by Michael Lippman on my bedside table. It was an honor to have been part of that conversation. When I first read it, I was confused. It sounded like I was talking about my mother, a person that had taught me to be a strong woman and be strong. How strong? How confident did her? It's a beautiful story, and also one I loved, but it felt awkward and out of place at the time. I wanted it to where can life coaches work (http://graspprinciple.c1.biz/), but I feared I didn't know my mother. Which was to be fair to her, but I thought, I'm not going to be able to tell you what my mom and my dad are. She was doing better than I'd expected, but I was going to have to keep my eyes out for that someday. I was going to have to write her. I was going to tell her what she wanted to know. And I did. (Laughs.) Because
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