by on July 20, 2020
That's something that's part of the story. You can put things in different positions because you have a pole in one position, or you can go out in the middle of the pole and have very different views. You get out of the pole, but you may not go back to where he was or where you were supposed to go or where you should start again." "I know I'm making a lot of assumptions about you," he replied. "That's part of being a dancer. Now it's about my life. It's not about my work, but if people feel threatened by me, that's fine on their part. But if they feel that way, I'm OK with it. I can do what I'm doing, but I can't tell people that I'm a performer. I'm not trying to be famous. The world can see that I am not a performer, because no matter how I look or my work, people say to me, "You're a dancer because you do pole dancing." I don't want anybody to think "Hey, maybe you're a dancer, but that doesn't make you a big name." I have to get back to where I started off." "So," he continued, "if you want to be a dancer, go out and have no fear of losing your place with your body and your soul. That's your choice for success. You still have your body and your soul, but you can't do that in the middle of a pole. You're still going to take that pole to your work, you're still going to make it as good as you can, and you'll have a chance in the long run to beat the world's best." And if he'd been in the industry for only a couple of years long if not longer—and he couldn't afford to move for that—the Pole Curler wouldn't have had a problem with him. The pole dance near me ( is not a pole that could be done in all directions. He had been there, in a field, performing on the street when he started, as he put it. And it still was his main work. "It is my decision," he quipped, "that everyone must be able to do the same. I have no problem with people who believe that to be the case; they can do whatever they want. But it's my choice. It matters. I don't want to go out and not make the best work of my life in this field, because it would
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