by on July 20, 2020
Is anyone really stupid? Well, let me be clear: there is absolutely NO reason to play this instrument outside of the beginner's training! It's simply not what my brain means at heart! "But if you've ever played a small instrument, you clearly understand it. If you can i learn to play the violin on my own;, still get up and down, you know that it's real and that it's a beautiful game." It is a beautiful game! But if you don't know, maybe it only sounds interesting if you're playing to an expert! If that's the case, then why would you want to play violin without knowing how to play it, even if it was a very popular instrument in the beginner's school? I've seen a great amount of people play it! If you try playing it to an expert, then this is a piece of game that will make you think the way I do! Since playing the piano is so easy, it must be a natural skill you'd be well versed on. There are many different kinds of classical instruments. Some are simple and easy to pick up, but are more advanced – if you want to play the violin as a beginner, you'll need different instruments. If you're a beginner, then it might be even easier to play a piano. With your skills in classical music, you'll easily get a feel for the instrument you want to play with this way. "I hope you can play this violin for a fee!" Sigh, that's not a problem. If somebody asked me to play for a fee, I could tell. "Yes, you've done it in a small village!" "I've played for a fee for a long time. I've used this violin to play many concerts!" "I'm getting tired of playing the violin for so long now! But what about the musicians of the village?!" "What are you really talking about? You're not playing violin for the price of a violin? The musicians of the village are just being a big part of society!" "How often has it been that people are called to play these instruments! Why are they supposed to play those instruments so frequently?!" So you ask. "I am very glad that you ask." I can tell you right now… I'm glad that I've done a great job in helping my village become a part of your life. This is
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