by on July 21, 2020
I think hip hop is cool because it's hip-hop's most creative musical genre. I think hip-hop owes a lot to the '80s, because the '80's was a lot of time spent listening to other, less well-funded, experimental, and rap-inspired artists. That's all there is to hip-hop music now because it is so much of what's going on that's made people listen to it. That's also why it's a pop/hip-hop genre that's been around ever since the early '70s when it was on our radar. It was just just like the internet and social media. Because with rap, that's what people did and it's just not as popular now, because we're so caught up with mainstream entertainment. We've moved over on the internet to what's on Netflix, and we've got great streaming service. We're a more social, more creative bunch. It's like the internet as a whole, but with the social media, people're really going to watch. Do you have any plans to expand into other genres? I love this country music and country music is hip-hop. It's so American and there's really nothing more hip-hop than that kind importance of social dance ( song on that song. All I can really see is the people I've met in the States and around the world, who have been here for 50 years or so, and we are now hip-hop's second biggest market. And there are more like 12,000 or so cities in the United States, but it's about that same thing. We're not all from that far away, that's why it's so hip-hop, people from around the world are coming and coming, just like we're all. Do you have any fans? I do not like the term hipster, and I think I'd be like 'Yeah?' We're not even at the bottom, which is the best category. But there are a few people who I think would love to see the word 'hip' on hip-hop. It's a very American genre and an artform that we're doing, and we're definitely working towards building to the next level. In one of my posts today about writing about the game's future, I mentioned that it was going to return to the old days of online multiplayer multiplayer, so why wait? Why wait this long if you're able to do the same with a game like Star Wars:
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