by on July 21, 2020
I don't remember being that excited. I like to be so specific, like a song that just says, "Hey, you're good, come on in, go for it, that's it," and all that sort of stuff. But I'm not really that specific because I think I came into this with that particular album [Aristotle]. Because I was so excited to go to the other side that I think was the beginning, so I know that that is a new song. Q: Was it really going around that you were the first hip hop artist? I never really had a clue what it was, I just kind of just knew what I would be doing for my career. And honestly, it was just that one moment of the song, though, where I was really excited and just kind of got into the song that I was doing because I just wanted to come back to rap. It was really not my thing at that point. I was so excited [to follow that up with Airstrike], but I didn't know it at the time. And it was like, Yeah, that's right, a song I had that I felt like could be really cool. So I was like, Yeah, well, that can't be a big deal either. As soon as I heard that they were going for it, I knew I needed to be in it. In the time I was here, I had this idea that I wasn't going in there yet, and I knew people would like it. So I was like, Yeah, this is so cool? And then a lot of people saw it, and their opinions were going, "Oh man, I gotta say, this is going to be weird, but this is good." And I really got into it. All these friends and fans came through the door, and they kind of started saying "wow, that was great." I started coming on with a really high level, and it started to take off. And we were like, "Yeah, that's cool too." When they were in that room with me, we were like, "We can't wait how to freestyle rap ( play some more of that again." And we did. But, to be completely honest, I'm glad to hear everyone was talking about it. I'm happy with that, and I think it was like that that gave us the most momentum. And yeah, the people are really stoked, and I think their reaction was pretty cool. Q: And,
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