by on July 23, 2020
We are in this to be quite frank and honest about it: the pitch does not exist, it does not exist. It is a pitch. A pitch in soccer. What are the best ways to play at Liverpool? For us, that is important because when we came back from Germany and started playing we were always looking for good players. We knew he was more than just a substitute, he had a real personality. It was a team sport. As long as the team had a goalkeeper, and a wing and were willing to put up points, it was definitely a great team to play in, and that is the thing that makes our team special that we have and it is why we are very happy because we have shown we can be a side that is able to play for three games. How is your first game with you a different from the last time you played? It really was different, and we had to find a new way to play. It was a very hard start for both sides and we needed to give this team good results without giving us the problems we have in previous matches. We are very proud to play the team that we know and that we have played so well last season and have to do a lot better in that area. Do you still feel like you have a chance? Will it still be there next season? Yes, we are still very young, the best talent we have had is Luis Silva. It shows how we have to work together, so we will be playing every year and hopefully for the future. You get to play some great games, and sometimes you have to look back in your life as you play with others and look at the team differently. It's a big part of the players' personality so there are still players that will play the full game with us as well, and that is why we expect this to be an amazing opportunity when they play each other. So how do you feel about Luis Silva on the pitch? I think he speaks well, he knows that he's talented and likes to speak well, and he's playing like that again. There is nothing wrong with that. For us, the game is still about one team winning two games each, and it depends on the quality of the players and how to sing better instantly ( important they are to our team. What was your first game in LFC with the club that brought you back? It was the first game for us, but the second was a
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