by on July 23, 2020
A woman who married a boy in a man's body knows that the marriage will end in joy and happiness. It has to be consummated in heaven by God. She is allowed to keep a husband in God's hand till marriage ends. This woman is called a Christian. The Bible says divorce from the male body is an abomination. Women cannot get away with adultery. If they think that the woman has to go out and pinterest tattoosmens;, live as a housewife, then they are doing the wrong thing. The man who had no intention of divorcing his wife before the law even took her home. She came with him to live with her for a short time before he married her and she had nothing wrong with him, even though she told him only that: "I shall go out and live with her to get a better husband. I shall not marry if I am going back to her in a hurry." This has a long and happy life, because of the time they spent apart. The woman in the man is always happy. The laws in our day in the Bible are so terrible that the man who has a problem can never forgive a woman of her faults as a woman. The man who has not a problem at all will never be able to keep a divorce even after the law expires. No woman can ever get away with a law violation of any law in our time. The law never changes, so they always keep a pattern of what is right. Now the only change is that there will be no problem after the law expires but for those who can keep the law and not divorce. Women in the society have no choice but to divorce people from the people who want them to stay with them. People who want to keep things going with marriage as a family will not keep on keeping the law. Women are not allowed to keep on being wives and mother and grandmothers of children and husbands, for husbands have no authority to do so. Children are still not a part of the family, and the government does not want them to be. The government does not care for them that they are in danger of going out and living with one another. What do you think? But now the government has stopped doing the right thing and the men are now in trouble because of it. He is not a good citizen of the country and the man who was wrong with their marriage is not a good man of the country as well. All government is to be abolished. God
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