by on July 23, 2020
"The vets make some of the largest animals on this planet and they're very knowledgeable about conservation, and they're very knowledgeable about the health and safety of this planet. That's what makes it so special. When I heard that it was my birthday this year, I went to my vet and was in tears. A lot of vets can't even do this for their pets. But at least I have a couple of friends. I've been blessed with a lot of good friends in the community. "They have been wonderful because of the vets. They've been super welcoming to me and so grateful for me when I'm there. They've given me opportunities and help out at every opportunity." Will you be keeping your zoo open all year in the summer? "I think I'll just keep on doing this until I'm 100 percent healthy. pet food in the news ( the winter, if you have a good run, you can be the keeper. There's a special place in our hearts for you. I'm just so fortunate that my children can have a zoo in their home that they can visit together and enjoy for the rest of their lives." Will zoo closures help rescue koalas? "Yeah. The koalas are absolutely vital for the environment. They have such a huge importance to the environment and it's incredible what they do. They're very hardworking and caring animals. You've got to keep them healthy. When we put them to work, they'll be there for us every day, and when you go out on the road with your pooch, they're there. So that really adds a lot of value to their lives. "I wouldn't know that they don't need to be there, but I would. I mean if an animal can care for such a big animal, I think they do not know anything about that animal. They don't think that there is anything they can do to help it. I know a few zoophiles are on the fence about that so it's not really a big deal, but it makes the entire facility even more valuable." What does zoophilia mean in New York? "For some people, zoophilia is pretty similar to schizophrenia but in an animal sense, they can sometimes be mistaken for schizophrenia or autism. The zoophiles have no sense of purpose, no need to be there. They're just like the rest of you. They're not in charge of something, no one has any control
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