by on July 2, 2020
Why don't my kids know what they play?" But of course, there are some people who won't listen. The following song, written by the British indie band the Bitch, was released by a friend and collaborator, who had recently quit his job at an electronics company. I couldn't believe that this was even a song in the first place, because it features a very different kind of guitar arrangement and also features a guitar solo that almost everyone just uses. The first part is called "Walking on a Rocker", followed by the piano and piano solo together. I got the call from a fan on Facebook, who asked if I wanted to record the song. That same day, the song was on my YouTube account! The first time I heard it in the first place, I was surprised to see the following: A group of girls are laughing at this song. When I heard it, I had such a lot of feelings about it, since I'm a girl who would often sit down, make fun of me, and watch some porn on my cellphone, so it was so fun for me to talk to some people. So, one month ago, I went to a concert in a beautiful city and saw the same woman, and it's a beautiful piece of art. So that was my first thought. So I saw a video of her walking on a rocker in a street art district, to a crowd of thousands. I was like "I've never seen a song like that, so…" In the music industry, you have to have some sense of humor, and I found myself thinking again and again "why would they be doing what they did?" It was so hilarious, so really, I couldn't stop laughing. I went to the local indie movie theater, with a little help from friends, which was my first impression of the piece, and this girl walked on the guitar: I'm really impressed by how she walked on the rocker, and I love the arrangement, the music, there was so much fun. The only problem I had is that I didn't see the video, because the video doesn't exist, but I took the video in, and all I could think about was how to get plucky with the ukulele,, the video into the movie theater. So it's just a story of finding out which parts are funny, and in some ways, the best part of this song. There are some good jokes in there, which I really enjoy, and
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