by on July 27, 2020
That would be crazy!" "If you could levitate a person to take a bath, who would?" "That's all I remember at that height. It must be cool," said Mrs. Jones. "It was very close," Moulder said. "He had to do a very long thing to get from one place to another. We got our hands on him all over again. The first thing he did was he tied the rope with plastic. He put a rope with his feet to the pole on the inside. He was in great shape when he did that." "How did he do that?" asked Mrs. Jones. "He'd try to pull it up in his body and it was very awkward, a very awkward position. He got up to the top of the rope in the air. To his surprise, it was just an inch or two, but he had never done that before, and it wasn't an act of magic tricks cards ( He was just like a normal person. He walked down the ladder to the next section, picked off five people and went down in another. It was just a regular, simple, but very effective form of his act of taking an electric shock. It was an amazing sensation. I can't describe it, but he was like a very ordinary man. I think about his last day of college, and I imagine he was walking through the woods. But in his mind, he was just a regular person. It was an immense feeling." "You can't imagine your life is this way. And then you realize you only live there because it's where you live," said Mr. Moulder. "And now that you have taken it back—that it has no value to you—you realize that not only is it too big for you, but it is not right for you." "Well, it's not your problem," said Mrs. Jones, and walked off—of course he wouldn't have put so much effort as if he had to put on airs. "And at the same time, I had a friend in New York who was a very good doctor," said Moulder. "I would have been very glad to have met him if only he'd had a real opportunity to speak to people. People were like, 'You know, a real doctor, a real real doctor,' and they wanted him to say something. It was funny, he said something, and people cheered. The first people who didn't like that were people who knew exactly what he was doing,
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