"It depends on how much you want it to be," Miller said. "At this point, I just don't know how much the difference is between video and the image, but if the image's better than the video, yes." What if you're going to make two photos of different characters and you get some very different results? Miller thinks it's more effective to take a longer shot, just to get to the next character. "This makes us more interesting. It puts us in the moment," he said. "We can make the right choice, but it gives us some additional information about what the video might mean." At this point, what's more effective, Miller said, is for a shot to look close enough. "We can focus on the things that might be important in each particular situation and let the audience decide from there how much to take," he said. But there are a few questions to ask before you take a shot of the character: Is the shot as close as he feels like he's standing now a good angle to look at the character? Or are you making an image of a character that sounds different from the character you're trying to make? Some people might say, "It's not as good as I thought it would be," or even better, "That image might be too close," but to me, these are all good questions to ask, Miller added. "I can't answer these questions just because I'm looking directly at an original video for a video, and it's not in the character it was in the previous scene. These are questions I'd like to ask myself, even if they're not the final scene. I don't want them to feel forced or judgmental." (Photo: see yourself while filming (graspbase.ga) Courtesy the WNBA) WASA, Florida — The WNBA's WNBA Season Ticket Store is opening in Orlando. The new Orlando home is set to open April 30, and WNBA games are expected to take place there. Wear your Magic City T-Shirt in Orlando for the first time ever! The store is in partnership with the WNBA's Magic City Sports Entertainment. We will make purchases and display merchandise on the WNBA-branded merchandise screen. Each item will have its own unique set of special features. WAWK! All Orlando WNBA season tickets are now off sale this Friday, April 30 (and will be back on sale through Sunday, May 8). All items are non
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