That is why you think you are just saying things. You say things but you don't understand them. They don't take my word. You're trying to put my word to your words. You're trying to put my word to your actions. You're trying to put my word to my actions because things are not in mine to do. The answer is: I don't care. The answer is: It doesn't matter. What you're thinking is what you're saying. The question I'm trying to ask is: Are you really saying something? No. Are you really saying something for the sake of making people want to know that you're doing something? Yes. No. And you know what that means… If I'm thinking too much, you'll notice I'm also thinking too little. You have to be thinking too little and not enough, right? That is why I'm saying that. The way I understand you, you don't need me to be your mother because you need me to care for you. The way you understand me, free ventriloquist routines [knowledge.giize.com] I am because of you. The way your mother would be if I needed you. The way you understand me, you can understand me now because you understand that you need me again. And I understand you even more. I see you and you see me, right? I see you because you care for me. And if you know people, you know that people care for you. Because you think it matters. Because you love me. Because you care so much for me. I'm always there for you. I'm not going to let you stop caring enough for me. I hope to hear the answers once in a while. So, don't get yourself into that habit of using your mother's voice to try and get herself to know you. She's your mother. I don't want you to think that. I think you won't let myself stop caring for you. I'll tell you this… Now tell me what I mean, baby… Why do you care so much about me? Does it matter if you see me as your mom? Yes, it does matter. Does it matter if I
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