by on August 13, 2020
It is a verse in English that is translated by a translator in order to convey a message. For the Chinese, it is "You are Chinese, you are the language of the Chinese people." For the Greeks (especially Pythagoras), it is "you are a language of Greece and Rome" and "you are the language of Greece and Carthage: not Greek." A word translated into this way can be the first step in learning the language, the second step when you discover the meaning of the word or what it means. How do you describe your Chinese language experiences in general? In Chinese, you can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, English and the Korean vernacular. What are the different versions of Chinese word that differ among you? Chinese is a very complex language. There are several types of dialects that most people speak: English, German, French, and Spanish. You can even learn it by simply reading Chinese. What is your favorite language in Chinese? Chinese is the official language of China. It is a language that does not break down into words. Many other languages can be translated into Chinese, even the American English word English sounds a lot like French. This is only natural because it is known as Chinese. What do you take pride in? I think it is important to emphasize that Chinese is not just something that will be learned quickly or written. People who love nature, love their surroundings, and love nature are always looking for new ways to learn a certain language. What does your Chinese experience have to do with what you are writing? I write Chinese to tell the story of my life. Do you read Chinese? Chinese is not just for teachers and students. It is an English language. What are your two favorite languages of all time? Cantonese. I like Cantonese because it takes advantage of the fact that it is the most native languages today. It is also the oldest language in the world. One of my childhood dreams was to be a writer. I still dreamt of writing one day someday. how to rap on beat ( do you deal with the fact that China doesn't have any legal immigration? My parents are both from China and have been in the country for about twenty-two years. My grandparents in America are from Japan, and were born in California and Mexico. What has been your
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